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Bankruptcy Myths: Determining Fact from Fiction

Feb. 21, 2023

There’s no need to come into this process with the attitude of being defeated because you will be victorious in your journey with the help of your experienced St. Louis bankruptcy lawyer.

But, the first thing you have to do, and I can’t stress this enough, is to stop listening to and believing all the false information about filing for Chapter 7 or 13 and start believing in the positive future that will be rendered by finally committing to paying off your past debts!

Some Popular False Myths About Bankruptcy

The last thing you should do is listen to what you hear from random people about how bankruptcy works because the fact of the matter is the situation is not going to be the same from individual to individual. Why? Well, for one thing, some people are much deeper in debt than others!

For example, one of the myths I hear all the time is that after a person files for bankruptcy, they won’t ever be able to take out a loan again. As your St. Louis bankruptcy lawyer, I can tell you that this is absolutely not true and that it is quite the opposite for many people who are currently in your exact same situation.

Untrue myths like this about bankruptcy keep so many folks from filing every year. It’s sad because when they listen to the well-circulated lies about Chapters 7 and 13, a person will many times remain in the same dreary financial situation for many more months or even years, all because of listening to fictional information.

But, the written statement from the United States Federal Reserve System is clear, and most people do get some type of credit offer within a year and a half after filing for bankruptcy! You have to remember that you are doing something responsible for a change to fix your financial future. So, please, don’t let what you hear about bankruptcy when you are out and about in your neighborhood change your mind about moving forward with it.

Contact Your St. Louis Bankruptcy Lawyer for the Facts about Bankruptcy

It’s important to remember that you are looking at your situation from your perspective. And yes, I know that it’s really heavy on you from that viewpoint.

But, when you begin to see how your financial life is going to be changing just a short while from now, you’ll laugh when you hear the lies about bankruptcy again because you’ll now know the truth and be glad that you were brave enough to actually do something about your debt.

I want to see you through to the end. I know that you are eager to see how I can assist you in effectively transforming your financial thinking and putting you on a path to better credit. You’ll be there soon enough, and the first step is to contact me directly at AKS Law by dialing 314.740.2989.