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Bankruptcy & Collections Suit Defense Attorney in St. Louis, Missouri

Expertise Best Bankruptcy Lawyer in St. Louis 2021
Expertise Best Bankruptcy Attorneys in St. Louis 2021
Attorney Andrew Smith

Andrew Kirkwood Smith

Attorney at Law

Since earning my Juris Doctor from the Saint Louis University School of Law in 2009, I've dedicated my practice to helping Missourians through their financial hardships. I pride myself on making myself accessible to my clients. I'll provide you with my cell phone number so you can reach me whenever you need to. Let me help you seek the fresh start you deserve. At AKS Law Firm, I serve clients in St. Louis, Missouri, Washington, St. Charles, and throughout St. Louis County.


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Advice for My Clients

About Their Bankruptcy Cases

Get Started Early

Many people often make the mistake of waiting too long to file for bankruptcy. I understand how difficult that decision can be. However, filing sooner, rather than later, will likely be to your benefit.

When you file for bankruptcy early, you'll have a better chance of stopping a foreclosure or wage garnishment, and stopping all of the harassing phone calls

Don't Stress

By reaching out to a legal professional, you've already taken the first step toward relief. As a bankruptcy attorney with over a decade of experience, I want to help you ease your burdens as best as I can.

Allow me to take the reins on your case. I'll lead you through the pre-filing and post-filing processes and address any of your questions or concerns along the way.

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Financial Guidance When You Need it Most

If you're facing the possibility of bankruptcy, it's easy to feel overwhelmed. No one should have to deal with the stress of financial uncertainty alone. Whether you've been buried under a mountain of credit card debt or bombarded with astronomical medical bills, you deserve relief. A skilled bankruptcy attorney may be able to help you seek a favorable outcome.

At AKS Law Firm, I personally walk my clients through the bankruptcy filing process. From Chapter 7 to Chapter 13 bankruptcy, I'm prepared to help you discover the option that's best for you. Call my office today. I'll give you a quote over the phone, answer your initial questions, and set you up with an appointment.

Don't let a collections lawsuit threaten your future. Seek the advice of an experienced attorney to put you on a path forward. I'm committed to using my personalized service to provide you with the defense you deserve. I'll listen to your story and help you determine the best course of action for your case. You have options. Let me be the one to help you pursue one that fits your needs.

Financial troubles can have devastating, long-lasting impacts if not dealt with properly. If you could benefit from the advice of a bankruptcy and collections suit defense attorney, contact me today. I provide consultations to individuals throughout the St. Louis area, including Washington, St. Charles, and St. Louis County, Missouri.