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What Exactly Does a St. Louis Bankruptcy Lawyer Do?

March 18, 2022

A consumer bankruptcy attorney protects you and your family as you go through the bankruptcy process. A skilled and experienced bankruptcy lawyer can counsel you on which Chapter to file and how to deal with creditors, clear your debt, and make repayment plans.

Can You File Bankruptcy Pro Se?

Yes, you can file without a lawyer (pro se), but bankruptcy is a complicated process with a lot of rules and pitfalls. Using a lawyer will make getting through the process easier and probably more effective.

Your Lawyer Will Know & Understand the Process

A knowledgeable bankruptcy lawyer knows and understands bankruptcy laws and rules. An attorney can explain which debts are likely to be discharged and whether you will be able to retain certain property like your home or car. Your experienced attorney will have worked through these procedures many times before and can help you avoid the potholes that can result in a denied discharge or a dismissed case.

Your Lawyer Can Advise You on How to Proceed

There is more than one way to file bankruptcy. As an individual (or couple), you can file under Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 of the bankruptcy code. After your initial consultation and a review of your circumstances and financial situation, your attorney will guide you toward the Chapter best for you. This guidance is extremely important because which Chapter you choose can affect your ability to use bankruptcy successfully.

Your lawyer also understands the rest of the procedures. They can help you put together your filing documents and to be certain that you’ve included all your debts. In addition, your lawyer can assist you in avoiding conduct that could be deemed fraudulent while keeping up with your reasonable necessities.

Your Lawyer Will Do the Work – and at a Decent Price

Again, filing bankruptcies is your lawyer’s “day job.” Let them bring their skill and knowledge to your case and do the work that needs to be done. Forms and accompanying documents have to be filed properly and on time. With AKS Law, you don’t have to fill out any of the paperwork. This task gets handled together at the lawyer’s office!

Your Lawyer Will Be Your Advocate

Certain times in the bankruptcy process can become adversarial; in fact, certain proceedings are even called “adversary hearings.” When the argument at issue decides a significant part of your financial future in those sessions, it is a good idea to have a professional in your corner. Let someone who understands how the adversarial process works handle any disagreements for you, and you will most likely do better in the long run.

Contact a St. Louis Bankruptcy Attorney Today

If you are contemplating filing bankruptcy in Missouri in the near future, consider consulting with a skilled and knowledgeable bankruptcy attorney. AKS Law is a one-lawyer firm focused on your bankruptcy needs. Contact AKS today or call 314-740-2989 to begin discussions about the bankruptcy process and how best to handle it for you today.