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Navigating Your Way Through The Bankruptcy Process

Feb. 16, 2023

You’ll benefit greatly from the help of a reputable St. Louis bankruptcy lawyer because trying to see your own way through the complicated bankruptcy process can give you a headache that’s as large as your past debts!

How Your Creditors React to Your Filing of Bankruptcy

You know how you’ve been experiencing so much tension and anxiety lately because of all the emails and phone calls about your overdue debts? Well, maybe it may bring you some comfort to know that the creditors will not harass you once you have filed your case! In fact, they will no longer be able to call, email or contact you in anway once you file!

Following the Guidance of Your St. Louis Bankruptcy Lawyer

If you’ve come this far, then you more than likely have your mind and heart set on filing Chapter 7 or 13, and are simply tired of the stress and weight of your financial burdens. Some people are skeptical, and that’s normal. But, there is a way that you can be much more clear that you are, in fact, making the right decision.

Let’s say that you make about $50,000 a year, and you have accumulated debts that come up to over $25,000. This is a sign that bankruptcy is a wonderful choice for your best financial future, according to experts.

For example, NerdWallet recently reported that if you have past debts that are more than half of what you make annually, then you are moving in the right direction. This is especially true if, looking ahead at the next 60 months, you don’t see any other way to get out from underneath your debts other than filing for bankruptcy.

Contact Your Trusted St. Louis Bankruptcy Lawyer

Some people attempt to navigate their way through the bankruptcy process on their own and end up deciding to acquire the help of an attorney later. They eventually decide to utilize the services of a credible St. Louis bankruptcy lawyer for structure, peace of mind, and guidance from a legal professional who has been through it with people just like you, time and time again.

All of that being said, to get the answers to the bankruptcy questions that have been running around in your head for some time now, please don’t hesitate to contact me today at AKS Law by calling 314.740-2989.