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Is My Filing For Bankruptcy Public Information?

Dec. 28, 2022

This is a question that many clients ask us St. Louis bankruptcy attorneys all the time. The reason why they ask is simple…it’s because most folks feel that filing for bankruptcy should be a private matter.

But, just like when your favorite celebrity filed for bankruptcy (and everyone who wanted to find out about it was able to), the same will be true for you after you file. Yours probably won’t turn into a national news story like a celebrity’s might, but it will still be public information.

Bankruptcy in Missouri is Public Information

While there are ways that individuals can find out bankruptcy filings, it is generally not that easy to find. Bankruptcy filings do not show up on They also aren’t printed on any Court website. It is my experience that while there are public avenues to obtain bankruptcy filings, it is just not that easy to find. I often tell my clients they can rest assured that it is unlikely someone will be able to easily find out if you filed a bankruptcy.

Can I Remove My Bankruptcy from Public Record?

One of the most important things for you to remember is that your bankruptcy case is just like any legal proceeding. This is why as a seasoned St. Louis bankruptcy attorney I am always clear with my clients in the very beginning so that they are not surprised later on that what they are doing will be public record.

There is no way to remove your bankruptcy from the public record according to Upsolve. But, after ten years, it’ll still fall off your credit report.

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