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Is 2022 the Year You Get a Fresh Financial Start?

Jan. 24, 2022

Motivation is always high at the beginning of a new year. People have new goals, heightened focus, and are eager to start a fresh chapter in their lives. One of the burdens that many people want to shed from 2021 is, of course, debt. At our St. Louis bankruptcy law firm, we meet lots of people, just like you, who have experienced a decline in physical and mental health due to the burdens of their debts. Is 2022 the year you get a fresh start?

The Effects of Debt on Your Health

Debt often makes people feel trapped - like they are failures, helpless, stressed, and it can lead to an array of additional problems. Before COVID, more than half of Americans said they felt debt was negatively impacting their lives. 2/3 of Americans say that debt is a “significant source of stress” in their lives. Debt can have an impact in all facets of life. It affects marriages, friendships, job performance etc. It is important to weight the benefits of having this weight from the debt lifted via bankruptcy relief.

Bankruptcy May Offer a Way Out

If overwhelming debt has you feeling trapped, we have some good news; bankruptcy may provide you with a fresh start. In many instances, filing for bankruptcy can eliminate your debt and provide you with a fresh financial slate from which you can build a better future. Some examples of the kinds of debt that bankruptcy can eliminate include:

  • Credit card bills

  • Medical debts

  • Unpaid rent

  • Utility bills

  • Accounts that have been sent to collections

  • Some civil judgments

  • Certain tax debts

  • Personal loans

  • Car loans

Furthermore, if you are a homeowner and have fallen behind on your mortgage, bankruptcy may be able to help you keep your home. The best way to find out how you could benefit from filing for bankruptcy is to speak with a St. Louis bankruptcy attorney as AKS Law today.

The Kind of People We Help with Bankruptcies

As St. Louis bankruptcy attorneys, we've heard all the stereotypes: people who file bankruptcy are irresponsible, they don't know how to budget, etc. The reality is most of the people who come to us seeking bankruptcy protection have had some interruption to their income due to disability, unemployment, or unexpected health problems. In fact, Investopedia reports that 60% of bankruptcies are due to medical expenses. Anyone could find themselves filing for bankruptcy at any time.

Is 2022 the Year You Meet Our St. Louis Bankruptcy Attorney?

AKS Law is proud to help St. Louis families out from under the burden of debt. Please review our testimonials and then pick up the phone and call us at 314-740-2989 or submit our contact form. When you’re ready for your fresh start, we’re here.